Apple Care Original Memory

I have a problem with my late 2016 27" MB Pro that needs to go back to Apple for a repair that I am 99% sure off that its the graphics card.

When I bought the iMac I immediately upgraded the memory with 4 X 8GB from OWC. Unfortunately I lost track of the two original 8GB 1867MHz DDR3 SDRAM modules.

When I was working at the Genius Bar we had a bucket of Known Good memory to confirm it was not the memory inside the machine. But things have changed. Before I make the long trip the the Genius Bar to drop it off at the Geniusbar I would like know if they are rejecting the repair because of the presence of 3rd party memory.

Apple will not reject your 27" iMac (but I would be surprised if you showed up at my GB with a 27" MB Pro) for testing or repair unless the RAM was the problem. Most stores no longer have Test RAM in the Repair Room. They can always order some to ensure your system runs with KG RAM.

Have you tried testing with only 2 of the 4 sticks? Swap them around for confirmation?

You can get AppleCare to Diagnostics with you too!


Yes I tried moving the ram modules by removing and am sure its not the RAM.
Also Techtool Pro did not discover any errors with the memory or storage.
The build inn Diagnostic tool did no find any trouble either.

Over the past year I have reinstalled the OS and even did a “Nuke and Pave” with only the most essential apps installed.

Resetting the SMC helps a bit but not long after the darn thing just quits when I throw some work at it. Like opening 15 Raw files in Photoshop. It just hard crashes.

Somehow playing Youtube in Google Chrome crashes the machine in 15 minutes. Safari doesn’t seem to do this.

Lately, the iMac crashed overnight while in sleep mode.

I even changed power cords and outlet.
Eliminated potential problems with peripherals etc etc

Sure sounds like hardware at this point. Have you tried a different User account or KG OS?

When you take it in for testing, it won’t surprise me that the MLB will be first on their radar. Best of Luck and I hope you have APP!

It was all part of the test by nuke and paving it twice and start from scratch.

Yep APP untill November 2019