Apple Credit Card

I’d guess that the limit depends on income and debt levels in addition to credit score.

I am in the same boat; my credit score is 820, no retirement income (yet) but self employed (my spouse working also). Bummer, I had hoped to start chucking out my current cards - some of them have been stolen many times and I am getting tired of going through the replacement process. No idea what GS or Apple’s criteria are for accept/reject - seems a bit flimsy.

They posted this support document yesterday with some info:

yeah, saw that but the specific reason I (and others) were declined is not clear.

Funny, i got accepted on the 3rd try. A bit of a mystery process.

I know that the card is not yet available for anyone outside the usa but can one use it outside the usa?

Its a Mastercard and should be widely accepted.

I thought it was required for Goldman to inform you why you were declined specifically in the US. Perhaps it’s coming in the mail on paper (gasp)?

I was not going to get the card as I am happy with my current setup of two personal cards (Chase and Amex)… but when got invite took leap. Happy I got the 12.99 APR, but just going to use it for Apple Stuff. The card is nice, though as someone who just carries a card holder it’s a little annoying to be that thick. The onboarding process is unreal, and I hope that kind of thing gets more common for other banks. That would be the best thing that comes out of this whole thing.

It’s interesting that the card starts off in the wallet as pure while, and as you continue to make charges it changes colors. I’ve used it twice for food-related purchases and now it’s taken on the hue of the color apparently used for that category of purchase.

Various colors apparently appear in the Wallet piuc as more purchases are made.

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Thank you, that will save me time searching.

I will chime in here.

I still haven’t been convinced to strike at that new shiny lure called Apple Card. Maybe I am over thinking it, but to me, it doesn’t fit my life style yet.

My current old fashion card: “ * Earn 3% cash back in the category of your choice: gas, online shopping, dining, travel, drug stores, or home improvement/furnishings and 2% cash back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs on the first $2,500 in combined choice category/grocery store/wholesale club purchases each quarter, then earn 1%.

  • Earn unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases“.

From that _______ Street J_______ article: “ If you have the Apple Card, you get 2% back on purchases you make using Apple Pay—3% when you use the card to buy apps, movies and devices from Apple. The rewards appear daily in a digital Apple Cash card, which you can use with Apple Pay or to pay down the credit card’s balance.

However, if you go around swiping the Apple Card like a regular credit card, you only get 1%“.

Me thinking :sweat_smile::

. I don’t do movies anymore.
. I buy Apple products only when they NEED replacing, (about every 4 years).
. I buy maybe five apps a year.
. I DO shop for vittles at a major grocery chain, and to my knowledge, they still don’t want to play nice with Apple, thus, I must swipe a card.
. I don’t buy a lot of fuel anymore.
. The interest rate is irrelevant to me, because I pay my card off at the end of every month.

The things that I really like about the Apple Card are:
. The security.
. The ease of use.
. The purchase tracking system that they have in place.

I am not downgrading those that chose to get the card. If it fits, by all means, go for it. For me, until my local mass grocery retailer accepts it, AND, I can use it at my local pharmacy drive thru, it’s still just a fancy gadget that I will have the opportunity to seldom use.

And this was typed on a iPad Pro, while a iPhone XR lays within easy reach. Yes. I am all Apple. They just gotta hit my sweet spot for me to bite, and so far, the card doesn’t do that. :innocent:

It’s not the absolute best card in terms of cash-back but it doesn’t pretend to be. The combination of privacy, security, immediate cash-back (got an alert that I just earned $1 already, woohoo), transaction details and easy payment makes it a compelling option.

I buy a lot on Amazon, and my 5% credit on Amazon purchases when using the Amazon Rewards Visa card will continue to make it my choice there. But the Apple Card offers the same 2% back in the other places I shop so I see myself using the AC in place of the Visa card in most situations. (And I’ll use my AmEx card for expensive purchases because it doubles my warranty and covers me for loss/breakage as well.)


I got the card via Fedex yesterday, I was impressed to get texts when it was shipped and arrived. Pretty cool. I applied right away, was declined b/c a had a credit freeze in place since the Equifax mess, which I forgot about, so I had to login and do a temporary unfreeze.

I got the $7,500 limit at 12.99% which doesn’t matter to me b/c we never carry a balance. FWIW my credit score has been over 800 for 15+ years and we only have one other card - Southwest Visa which is our everyday card.

I plan on using the Apple card for my side business and here and there. Mainly I wanted it b/c it looks cool. :slight_smile:

What he said - there are better cards, better cash back cards even, but for someone who likes things simple and loves the idea of privacy built-in, this is exactly what I was looking for.


You’re not alone. The AC has some nice tech features, but my existing MC has same cash back rates as yours so I’m money ahead staying with what I have.

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Until your “normal” card gets stolen or swiped, evident by some untraceable transactions at the last page of your statement and you have to deal with cancelling the card, proving it wasn’t you, and getting all those automatic charge accounts updated.

Happened to me 3 times, the last time just recently and just prior to a long travel. No fun.

My “normal” card company is always friendly and understanding and says its not a problem and get me a card soon (5-7 business days) but ignore the interruption it creates for me and of course roll the costs of theft simply back to their customers.

Cash back and most of the tech features are nice and fun but the security this card appears to promise is my “sweet spot”


Apple Pay has allowed some companies to streamline the process when problems arise.

A couple of years ago I was contacted by American Express. They said they had seen some suspicious activity on my account, and had cancelled my card and issued me a new one that would arrive in two days. And they had already replaced the card in my Apple Pay wallet and I could use it immediately!

This is Goldman Sachs’s first credit card. Like any new product that I’m thinking of buying, I prefer to wait until it has had time to prove itself.

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I think that the reason why there is no credit card number on the Apple Card is that they can assign a new number on the fly. So when your card is compromised they can just assign a new number to the card so you don’t even have to wait 2 days.

I have no doubt that the digital card will update the same way.


The Apple Card is now officially available for anyone in the USA to apply for. And they’ve added new stores eligible for 3% back.


I never got an invite, so I’ll have to get it and check it out. It came a day late for my MacBook Pro purchase, but I’d probably have used a different card for the extended warranty protection anyway. But looking forward to trying it out!