Apple delivery date

iPad Pro is finally available in my country thru the Apple website. Earlier, delivery date will take three weeks. Now, the latest would be on the 27th or first week of January next year.

Is there a chance that delivery dates get move sooner or this is the only date that Apple will deliver the item?

I’m currently selling my current iPad Pro and sold my MacBook Pro a week ago. So it may look like I’d be iPhone only for the next four weeks.

It’s possible that the delivery date could move up after you order it, but it’s not likely and I would never count on it. I would try to coordinate your iPad sale with the currently-stated delivery date to avoid being left hanging.

Okay thanks for the tip. I might try to just buy in Hong Kong next week on a business trip if that is the case. They have an Apple Store there compared to my country.

I’ve had Apple deliver backlogged items earlier than promised fairly often, but I agree that you should never count on it.

Also, if the delivery is going to be early, it went be in terms of weeks. I would say it can come early by 1 week or close.