Apple Easter Eggs

  • The icon for Voice Memos appears to contain the waveform for the word ‘apple.’

  • The default city for the World Clock and Weather apps is Cupertino, CA.

  • When verifying your identity for Apple Pay Cash, you’re asked for your birthdate. The date wheel defaults to January 24, 1984, the date Steve Jobs first showed off the Macintosh to the public.

  • The icon for the Maps app displays the company’s headquarters at 1 Apple Park Way in Cupertino, California. Before iOS 12, the icon displayed the company’s now-former headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in the same city.

  • The TextEdit icon on Mountain Lion contained a snippet of the text from the ‘Think Different / Crazy Ones’ commercial.


I was surprised there wasn’t a little more chatter about the new Mac Mini saying HELLO in its promo video, in the form of the morse code on the UFO.

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