Apple Files App: Move instead of copying

Hello everybody, I work quite a bit in the Files app and wonder how to actually MOVE files without copying them. Do I miss something obvious? It seems to make no difference if I click ‚copy‘ or ‚move‘.

Your help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

If I move a file via the Files App to a new folder, it’s moved not copied.

Am I misunderstanding something here? Do you end up with duplicates of the file?

I may have left out an important piece of information: I want to move files between different services, specifically from iCloud to Devonthionk to Go. So my workflow is to select a file, tap on ‚Move‘, and choose DTTG - the only two options I see are ‚Cancel‘ and ‚Copy‘ but not ‚Move‘.

Ahh, right. Yes, that seems to be the effect of moving between Services.

Don’t know of any solutions to that one.