Apple Fitness +

I’ve been looking at Apple Fitness +, but I thought that the offer was that those who’d bought a new watch would get 3 months for free. But my phone is only offering a month.

Am I misremembering?

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I have a new watch and I was offered three months.

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So, while looking in Fitness Plus, I’ve realised it’s using my iTunes account, not my iCloud account.

And there’s no way to change it.

Changing the account in Apple Music doesn’t affect it.


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Ive been working out for 6 straight hours… :innocent:


I haven’t been able to get Fitness+ to show up on any of my devices despite being subscribed to Apple One. Anybody else had this issue?

I had the same problem. You have to download the latest watch and iOS patch. After that restart your phone and it should be under fitness. To get it on your iPad you have to download the fitness app from the App Store after updating.


This. Apple dropped a lot of software updates yesterday and most of these needed for Fitness + to work.

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I only got 1 month too … even though I bought my Apple Watch 1 week ago.

So, I emailed apple support and they replied with:

Thanks for contacting us. I understand that you only received one month free trial for Apple Fitness + instead of the 3 months that was promised. I’m happy to help you with this today.
Upon checking your account, I was able to determine that you were able to successfully redeem the 3 months free trial for Apple Fitness+. You will be charged for subscription renewal on pr before 02/11/21.

So … It looks like a comms problem.

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Signed up for a month to give it a try.

Pretty good core workout, but… the music is truly dreadful.

I’m finding I’m choosing the next routine on the least offensive playlist :slight_smile:

Is there anyway I can turn it off/use my own Apple music?

Had a hunt around but didn’t see anything obvious?

In typical Apple fashion there is always “that annoyance” of something so stupid, one wonders how it could ever make it to release. Now we have it for Fitness+. We cannot airplay the workout to our SmartTVs. you can airplay the preview, but not the actual workout. the cardio workouts are a horrible experience on just the iPhone. My SmartTV has airplay and the appleTV app. why should I spend $150 for redundancy? If this is intentional to generate sales of their useless puck, its a questionable move on Apple’s part.

A slightly related question, anyone know how to run Apple Fitness+ on my iMac? Is this something that will work if I upgrade to Big Sur, perhaps by being able to run the iOS app directly on Big Sur? This might be enough to get me to do the Big Sur upgrade …

@macsorcery you might try a Lightning to HDMI adapter.

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I don’t think thats an option. iPhone, iPad, or AppleTV


I was reading about that but it seems to be 50-50 on whether or not that works. sigh…

I agree. Noting that I was able to get the audio to play on my TV, but…the video is kind of the point, so you can see how to do the exercises. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it’s an Airplay I vs. Airplay II thing? Video only being supported for AirPlay II, maybe?

I just connected my iPad Pro via hdmi Ave worked like a charm including the Watch data. I enjoyed it


So, you signed up even though only offered a month, and they then gave you three months? I’m asking because this is my problem, too. I bought the Series 6 when it came out, and I thought this would qualify me for the three months, but after all updates were installed to iPhone and watch (and iPad), I still only get the one month offer.

I was able to update my iPad but my wife’s iPad Pro is still receiving the error Anybody else still seeing it?

the video previews work flawlessly…

I had the error late last night when I checked. I completely quit the App Store on the iPad, and when I reopened it, I was able to download the new Activity App.

Might try that?