Apple Heath Mindfulness

The Apple Watch has got me to pay attention to Apple Health. Cool. It tracks mindfulness. Only problem it doesn’t track mindfulness in a way that matters to me:

  • I meditate 10-15 minutes in the morning with Insight Timer (free)
  • I journal with DayOne

How do I tell Apple Health this is mindfulness?

Further how do I set a mindfulness timer longer than 5 minutes?

Confused in Apple Health land

You can link Insight Timer to the Health app as a data source.

For Insight Timer:

Apple Support

For Day One you will probably have to enter the time manually in the Health app, or via a Shortcut, the most basic version of which would be:

Day One Mindful Minutes

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In Day One under Settings, click on Apple Health to add time in Day One as a Health Source for Mindfulness.


Cheers for the info. I don’t have or use Day One, so it was just a guess on my part that a diary-type app may not be counted as mindful minutes.

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The irony is after seeing, the first reply I started poking around in both Insight Timer and DayOne. Both already have connections available to Apple Health. I think my error was not realizing I should look for a “connect” function.

I will leave the question up, in hopes that the next person who searches the internet for “Insight Timer and Apple Health Mindfulness” finds this and has an easier time.

Thanks to all who answered.