Apple ID for purchases is not an email address. Help needed

I have two Apple IDs—my main one and the one for media and purchases that I’ve had since getting my first Apple product, the iPod Mini. This Apple ID for purchases is not an email address since Apple didn’t require this back then. Now whenever an OS upgrade comes through, it tells me that I should update this Apple ID to an email address.

Since Apple won’t let you merge Apple IDs so that my purchases are moved to my main one, is there a way to create another iCloud email address (not an alias of my main) that I can then enter to change this second one to, or do I have to go out and use a gmail account or something else?

Anyone else been through this process? Thanks!

You can create a new iCloud email address to solve this issue.

You can also use whatever email service you want to, as long as that email address has never been used with an Apple ID.

Should you need any help, AppleCare is the solution for this issue. 1-800-APL-CARE in the US and state “Apple ID” for the reason of your call. This will route you someone that can help out.

I had the same issue with an AOL account that was only my username quite a while back, but was able to take care of it with their help.

Hope this helps!