Apple ID Problems

on my laptop both the App Store and Books prompt me for my Apple ID password when I try to do something. The panel goes away, but the requested action doesn’t happen (app update, or book opening, for example). So I try again, asked for password again, nothing happens.

I’m on 10.15.1. I have logged out of my Apple ID then back in again. Not sure where to look next…

On my Mac I’ve been getting a lot more requests for my Apple ID password lately too, in iTunes, Books and the Mac App Store.

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If you’ve recently restored from a Time Machine backup or transferred your data including keychain from another Mac there’s a tonne of issues regarding keychain in my experience. Every little background iCloud task seems to want manual permission.

If this is what you’re experiencing, copy your password to your clipboard and in fast succession paste and hit enter on each dialogue. Hopefully that’ll keep them happy once and for all. Worked for me when I had a new Mac mini.

Just saw this on Reddit. It’s apparently not just us:

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