Apple ID's MacBook Pro iPhone and iPad

Hi Folks, has anybody else got some experience of Daughter going off to University in September, with a new macbook, macbook is on her own apple id newly created, however her iphone and ipad are on another apple id I had to set up a few years ago when she was younger, she has photos music files etc . My main plea is how do I marry up the ipad and iphone on one apple id to the new apple ID on her macbook pro ? All help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Just curious; why did she need a new one?

But you can use both I think.
Add the new one to family sharing if you have room and use that for specific purposes, and add the old one for photo’s etc.

I would sure hope that it will be as simple as that, thanks

She just had the iPhone and iPad before, which was under an Apple ID linked to my e-mail. The MacBook is her first laptop, and it made sense to create her own Apple ID , it’s just what to do with the iPhone and iPad data under the other Apple ID ? Thanks

Do you use that apple id for anything else? If not, why not rename it / repurpose it as her own ID?
You can always change the related email address to her own email address.

please explain in a little more detail? if I rename the first apple id which is an old e-mail address to the new one will all music and photos be transferred to the the new ID ?

My thinking is as follows:

  • she has an old ID, with an email address I hope you don’t use.
  • she has a new ID

If you don’t use the email address for the old account:

Log in to everything on the new device with the OLD Apple ID, and remove the new one. For anything already in the new one: move over to the old.

Doing it the other way around (move to new) is going to take a lot longer, and you might miss something.

The Apple ID is not gone once you migrate data, as long as you don’t purposefully delete it, it is still there, and you’ve got everything still there.

I would recommend adding either the old or the new (whichever way you choose) to family sharing so even apps are still accessible from one to the other Apple ID.

Thanks @JKoopmans, that sounds like a plan, Ive done a manual bakup of the photo’s to a lacie drive just in case something goes wrong. Cheers

a tip: I find using the icloud web interface is very handy when moving items between Apple ID’s.
I think I did a similar exercise to your problem once for my youngest daughter (she’d accidentally created a new apple ID)

I just removed the new ID from the device and migrated all data using the web interface back into the old ID

Thanks again , I will give it a try. Cheers