Apple iPad Event May 7 recap

Nice pickup. :slight_smile: Anbernics might have the best handfeel in that product category.

Yep, I have been using their RG351V for a couple of years but I got tired of the Gameboy formfactor. So i am going horizontal for a while. I love their stuff. I have Delta and Provenance on my ipad pro but sometimes I like the convenience of the Anbernic devices instead of pulling out the xbox controller and iPad. :grinning:

I went in a slightly more expensive different direction with my technolust and just came home with a M3 MacBook Air…


also an excellent choice. Enjoy!!

I downloaded the new wallpapers so my 3rd Gen iPad Pro thinks it has an M4 inside.


I did replace my iPad (10.9" gen8) battery, using a local 3rd party dealer. Quick and easy and cost was around $100. OTOH - the battery life with the new battery was not much greater than the old one. At this point, 1 year after replacement, I get less than 2 hrs of normal online use.

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Thanks for sharing this. I’ve always wondered if replacing the battery on an older device would do much, given the increased demands later versions of operating systems might have. I’ll remember this for the future.

Since @dkgee had it done by a 3rd party, it may have been a knockoff battery with less performance and longevity than an OEM Apple battery would have had.

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I’ve had my phone battery replaced by a 3rd party and I don’t love that feeling of “is my battery as good as it could be now, or not?”

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