Apple is revising MBP delivery dates

That was a pleasant update this morning. But Apple brought the delivery date for my MacBook Pro from Dec 10 to Nov 18. That’s 3 weeks earlier from the original date. I hope everyone receives a similar email.


I didn’t receive a similar email however the original estimated delivery date they provided was Nov 10-17 on my order.

I’m glad yours was favorably changed.

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Probably, you were one of the first to order, but sorry if you can’t get yours any sooner. In my case, I created two other orders and had to cancel them because I made errors, so my delivery date kept pushing. I assume, others similar to me lead to that exaggerated delivery dates, because the probably after the sand settled, some cancelled their orders, and they were able to accommodate closer dates.

For the record, the store is now showing delivery dates back in Nov.

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It’s strange to me that Apple says (in this case) “you can begin ordering today and they will be available next week”.

There must only be a very limited number of very basic models that are available that soon. It seems like every product I order has to be shipped from China.

I am always customizing my orders and usually have my device either maxed out or very close to it. Even pre-Covid it seems like the local Apple Store just doesn’t inventory the higher end devices. They just seem to stock the more basic models that average users might purchase.

I guess that makes sense. Because I socialize with other power users and we gravitate toward the higher end, I sometimes assume everyone does!

Sorry, I was not clear. It is showing Nov 20, so that is basically a month from now. That should be enough to ship from China.

When I opened my email this afternoon and saw an email from Apple with the subject line, “Your delivery may be delayed,” my heart sank. Thankfully, once I checked the order number I realized it was not my MacBook Pro order. Evidently, the extra MagSafe cable I ordered will be taking a bit longer (it’ll still get here well before the laptop does, though).

Oh @ChrisUpchurch, that’s indeed a difficult moment. Glad turned out to be all good.

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