Apple journaling app will be part of iOS 17; Day One being Sherlocked, says

Sherlocking is more about utilities and OS features than apps. The original Sherlock was killed off not because Apple introduced an app, but because searching became part of the OS (via Spotlight).

I said in an earlier post that I don’t expect Apple’s journaling app to have anything like the same range of features as DayOne. The risk to DayOne is that Apple provides enough to put people off paying for DayOne’s premium features and that the developer’s don’t continue to provide enough add-on value to justify the subscription

You probably mean Workflow instead of WidgetSmith?

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@rob Yes, excactly. Thanks for the correction.

@ThatGuy Yep, what you write is more accurate re: sherlocking.

Aside from definitions, I just think Paul Mayne is being way too “complainy” with his sherlocking quote.

Eh, you’ve gotta let them spout off.

This is still my favorite response to being Sherlocked (Instapaper → Reading List.) He made more optimistic and measured remarks later.

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Yes, good point. We’ll see how Paul Mayne adapts over time. Personally I hope it all ends with Day One becoming a noticeably better product than it is now. (I’m not saying it’s terrible currently, but there’s room for growth.)

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There are about a million note-taking apps still doing business, despite Apple Notes.

A million task managers, despite Reminders.

Overcast and Pocket Casts are still in business, despite Apple Podcasts.

Day One can continue to prosper if it offers a premium worth paying for beyond the basic Apple journaling app. The company might even benefit from a larger ecosystems of users brought in by the basic Apple offering who then outgrow it.