Apple keyboard mysteries

I’ve been battling with the strange behaviour of one of my bluetooth keyboards for a while and I still haven’t managed to figure it out.

I have two very similar MacBook Airs, both dating back from 2015, both with Mac OS High Sierra. I use them for slightly different purposes, so I was finding myself having to connect/disconnect the one BT Apple Keyboard (the old model, with the removable batteries) from one to the other. I therefore bought a second Apple BT keyboard to use with the second computer. It’s a new model, with rechargeable battery.

And now for the problem: the second keyboard’s function keys work differently, trigger other actions. This is especially irritating for volume, because I constantly need to go the upper menu.

I looked online but found no description of my problem. I haven’t changed any of the keyboard settings and I wouldn’t think I should since keyboard number one still works fine with computer number two. Surely settings are not stored inside the keyboard?

Does anybody have any brilliant ideas?

Thank you.

Are the Keyboard Settings (Preferences → Keyboard) really are all the same for both Keyboards?
Or are you just assuming they are the same, as you did not any changes by yourself?

There is a system setting for these things, and they differ depending on the Keyboard.

For Ventura (I’m not sure about the English equivalence, but something like this):
System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Function keys

There you can set how the function keys should work. I prefer them as F1–F12, so I have checked this:

I have actually just assumed! There are quite a few, so I haven’t checked all of them. I thought they were per computer, not per keyboard.
I’ll look ASAP!

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If I have to compare something like that, I do normally a couple of Screenshots, to compare the pictures later without the need of an often switching.