Apple Mail and Microsoft Exchange

Hi All
I have been using Apple Mail on the Mac for many years and although have tried many other clients, always come back to Apple Mail for various reasons (one of the biggest benefits is its clean design with open emails on the left and composed emails on the right in tabs). The only downside of Apple Mail is that emails that I have sent to certain users come back in Times New Roman when they reply to me (something that doesn’t happen in Outlook or other clients). From what I understand, Apple Mail doesn’t set a font tag when sending in the default font and some Exchange recipients have their default font set to Times New Roman. From what I can find online is that Apple prefers that the recipient sets the font because you could be reading on a small screen etc (like Apple Watch) and other clients set the font of the email when composing it (not sure if this is right or wrong just from what I have read). Has anyone else experienced this? I used to be able to download an add-on called Universal Mailer but it seems that this no longer works with Catalina. The only work-around that I have found is to select all the text in the email once I have composed it and then select a different font from the drop-down menu. Has anyone else experienced this?

Recipients have almost total control over the way a message is displayed. I’ve been on email discussions with multiple people where the only thing the messages had in common was English.

AFAIK that’s all you can do and IMO it isn’t worth your time. At best email is a mess, I’ve never let this bother me.

Hey there. I think that’s currently the only workaround. I have actually been a longtime user of Outlook for Mac and only recently decided to try out Apple Mail (I also work in an organization where everyone uses Outlook as we have an Exchange Server for email, calendars, etc.). The font thing was my one hang up as well. I posted about setting the font in outgoing messages and got some strong opinions that I “shouldn’t” do that. See this thread: Apple Mail fonts/recipient's view

Given that I am used to Outlook for Mac, and don’t really have a hang up with Microsoft software on performance or aesthetic principles (I have to use Word and PowerPoint as well), I’ve just decided to stick with Outlook for now.