Apple Mail—“Checking for Mail” unless I close and reopen it

I am frequently running into the problem with Apple Mail on iOS and iPadOS not finalizing “Checking for Mail” unless I close and reopen the program. Are others having this issue? Is there a “fix”?

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I am not having this problem. I am on 15.3 and have not updated to 15.3.1 on either device as of yet.

no problem here. could be your mail service provider or network?

The email is Google Workspace. I suppose it could be that or it could be the network but I have the problem both at work and at home. I should have said previously that I am running the very latest updates on all operating systems including the updates released today and the latest hardware on everything.

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me too. 12.2.1 on mac and 15.3.2 on ios devices.

i hope it clears for you. Google seems to be the commonality.

Thanks, that is probably the issue.

fyi i am on fastmail, apple, and plain old gmail.

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