Apple Mail Email URL and New Macbook

Are Apple Mail email urls (Message-ID) specific to one computer? For instance, if I get the url for an email on my Macbook, put that url in an OmniFocus task, and I try to click that url on another Mac, will the url take me to the same email (assuming the email has been downloaded to both computers)?

The reason I ask is I’m likely going to get a new MacBook and want to know if all those email urls I’ve created will be of no use once I transition to the new MacBook.

If the url is specific to one computer, is there any way I can avoid this problem in the future?



No, not specific to the device. I have 4 devices and the url works on any of them.


They should be the same on all macOS (and iOS) devices.

One caveat: when using it on iOS it will not find the email if that has not been downloaded / synced to the device.

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FANTASTIC news! Thanks to you both!