Apple Mail for iOS

I need some help sorting out a mail folder issue on my iPad and iPhone. I am in the process of moving some of my Apple eMail that is now stored in the “On My Mac” folder in Apple Mail on my iMac. I just dragged a few folders that just contained eMails to my iCloud folder, they show up just fine on my iPad. I moved a folder that has sub folders in it and everything appears just fine also on the iPad. The problem is that on the iPad the folder is open showing the sub folders. I can’t find a way to close the folder so you don’t see every folder. I went out to on my iMac and the folder behaves just like normal, I can expand and collapse the folder just fine. I hope I provided enough detail in my explanation.

What you are seeing is normal. AFAIK, IOS has always displayed all subfolders.

Thanks for your reply. Maybe this will get fixed someday.