Apple Mail Problems

I am having problems with Apple Mail on the Mac. I have an M1 Mac Mini 16/1 TB, Big Sur latest edition. Wifi speed 940/0940 via ethernet. 1-It has been slow opening emails, It may take a minute to open an email with graphics, etc. Some with mostly text. 2-When I do open emails or move to Archive and go to iPhone/iPad it shows the emails as unopened or not moved to Archive. Same when I look at Mail in iCloud. It seems like Apple Mail is slow synching with Mail in the Cloud. I have 1-rebooted my Mac, 2-Signed out of Mail then back in, 3-Rebuilt all mailboxes that I could, 4-Used CleanMyMac “Speed up email” feature, 5-Used CleanMyMac “Maintenance” feature, 6-Signed in/out of Apple ID on all devices. 7-Tried holding my mouth in various positions. Nothing is working despite multiple tries of each of the above. Any suggestions?

Is it possible all these efforts are overwhelming the server and you haven’t given it a chance to download/index/sync everything?

That’s possible but sometimes it’s 4-6 hours later before the iPhone /iPad mail has properly synched. What’s strange is new emails show up at the same time on all devices. Also within the last day “Recovered Messages” folders started showing up on my Mac; sometimes empty.

Is the spotlight stuck somehow? Sounds like something is working on the mail directory/database and interfering with the sync

Maybe exclude the mail folder from spotlight (system preferences - spotlight - privacy → add email directory here) give it a few minutes and then remove it again?

Create a new user on the Mac and see if there is any issue with your account config. Did you update any software recently? When you login via the web, do you see any issues there?

Tried this and still have same problems. Then I tried rebuilding Spotlight index. Tried using standard way, Also tried through CleanMyMac and MacPilot. MacPilot shows my Mac’s spotlight index is 0 bytes. The index size is for my Time Machine is 460MB. Since I use HoudahSpot, I removed Spotlight from my menubar earlier this year. Don’t think that matters though. Still can call up Spotlight through a keyboard shortcut.

@r2d2 Didn’t install any new software recently. When I go to iCloud Mail, the email list takes a while to load then takes a while to open each email. On my wife’s new iMac M1 her iCloud email loads quickly and each email opens quickly. And she has 38,000 unopened emails in her inbox. Will try adding her as a user on my Mac.

Seems like my iPhone and iPad take longer to open emails now. I think the problem may lie with iCloud Mail. Wouldn’t know where to start to fix that.

Thanks to all of your help.

You don’t necessarily have to add your wife, you can add a fake/test user. This gives it a new environment and then login to icloud and connect your mail account. This will give you an idea if there’s some corruption within your user profile.

Here’s the server status page but doesn’t look like there are any current issues. You can contact support from there.

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Today my mail seems to be working appropriately on all platforms as well as iCloud Mail. I assume that Spotlight needed reindexing. However, I have no direct evidence that my Spotlight has been reindexed. MacPilot showed my Spotlight index to be 0 bytes both before and > 24 hrs after I attempted to reindex Spotlight. I also don’t know if MacPilot correctly determines Spotlight Index size on an M1 Mac. Anyway, I appreciate the help from all of y’all above.

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My partner’s Gmail was not syncing to Apple Mail (macOS 11.4). Everything looked configured correctly and connection doctor gave the network a green light. Only thing that fixed it was to delete the account, reboot (because why not), and add back the account. All’s well now.

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