Apple Mail reports more mail in Archived Gmail account then Gmail does?

So I use Gmail for my primary email. I’m working to clearing out and deleting a bunch of emails that are not needed. As such, sorting by the sender isn’t possible in Gmail natively. I use Apple Mail to do this which allows me to go through and mass deletes emails rather effectively.

According to Apple Mail in the “Archived” folder in Gmail which states it’s all mail, it says it contains 88,490 emails.


Then when I go into Gmail on Chrome it states that there are 74,546.

This seems like a large discrepancy. I’ve tried resyncing in Mail and that doesn’t change it. Should I delete my Gmail account in Mail and see about re-adding it? For context, I have 1 or 2 other email accounts in Apple Mail but it seems those aren’t counted. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Not to mention the obvious but have you emptied Trash in Mac Mail?

Good initial thought but that’s not the case. Plus I’m deleting the emails in the trash folder within Gmail on Chrome.

According to the Googles, gmail counts all messages in a thread as one mail.