Apple Mail Rule Updater

Apple Mail has the best Rules function compared to 3rd Party apps, but updating them is cumbersome.

I have created the Applescript below that makes it easy to update Rules by adding one of the following parameters based on the selected Mail message(s)

  • Email address
  • Domain name
  • Subject keyword
  • Message content keyword

In this example, I received a Twitter email regarding a post by Federico Viticci.

I selected the message and invoked my Email Conflict Palette and chose option 7

Email Conflict Pallete

I am then prompted to select the Rule to update and the Rule type to use. In this example I ran each option, using “Gruber” as the keyword.

Note the Rule needs to exist first; you can create it using a dummy rule to get started.

Select Rule
Select Rule Type

Here is the Rule after processing the email message. ZZZZ was the dummy entry.

I find that I can process most of my Mail automatically with the use of Rules and this update routine makes the maintenance of the Rules system so much easier.

I hope you find this approach of use; any questions give me a shout.



I have updated the code to give a Recipient option when appending the Rule.

Another update to include an option to make a new Rule.