Apple Mail - Stuck Notification


I’ve got a notification for an unread mail in the “remind me later” inbox, even though this inbox is empty! Does anyone of you guys know how to clear that?

(The screenshot is in Portuguese, but it is the “reminder me later” inbox)

Thanks in advance!

Perhaps you could try force quitting the Mail App.


Tried that… didn’t solve, unfortunately…

Log into the web version of your email.
Look into the folder that is supposedly holding this mystery message. If its there, deal with it :wink:

Next step would be to force Mail to rebuild its envelope index.

User Library(Go+ Option key) >Mail>V10>MailData>Envelope Index (delete it)
Restart Mail

You can do the same using Titanium Onyx or CleanmyMacX


That’s it! I rebuilt the envelope index and it worked!

Thanks you so much!

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