Apple mail sync issue

Hi. Please help if possible. I cant find this particular problem online so asking here for some specific help.

Using Apple mail on Mac and iPad, with a Gmail account.
Gmail is set up as IMAP, and POP is disabled.
When i deal with mail on my Mac, and archive/delete or move emails to folders, this doesnt push through to the iPad. (when i check online at gmail its all filled away as i did on the Mac) When I open apple mail on iPad it updates with any new mail etc, but doesnt do anything with the emails i dealt with on the Mac. I cannot figure it out.

I have tried deleting gmail account from ipad and adding again. No change. Any thoughts? Thanks!

I’ve never had issues with gmail on my mac / ipad, but have heard a lot of others have experienced similar issues to yours.

Have you tried adding it as a regular imap account? = not through the google route but via “add other account” -> imap and then configuring it from there.

similar to the setup described here:

Thanks Ill give that a try.