Apple Mail takes over screen/forces itself open?

Hi everyone

I have this persistent issue with apple mail taking over my screen. Usually, I have an app in fullscreen. While in fullscreen, Apple Mail will suddenly decide to go fullscreen too, and it takes over half of the screen. Sometimes it randomly pops up on its own in other situations. I’ve read that this has to do with the gmail client? But that there’s no clear fix, just a bunch of workarounds. Does anyone have any recommendations?

More backgrounds: In the past month or so I’ve had several students randomly have the same issue during zoom calls. They’ll start fiddling with their computer and look confused, I ask if they’re on a mac, if they respond “yes” I’ll ask if their mail app took over and it’s been consistently that issue. I even had a graduate student who had this issue come up during her defense (again on Zoom). I’m worried about this happening while making a video for my classes.

I remember someone saying they had this issue and it was tracked to Google Mail and Google Calendar notifications; when those were deactivated the issue disappeared. Did a quick search, found these:

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Thanks, I hope Apple fixes their mail app. It seems really silly that I can’t know what’s causing the behavior and as a consequence have to take 10 different actions to disable a a single behavior in Mail.

It looks like there are a few things which can cause Mail to become the active app, mostly related to notifications of various kinds. That makes it hard to track down without monitoring what types of notifications and/or internet access is going on behind the scenes.

However, if this is the case, it’s easy to avoid when making videos or doing presentations: quit Mail.

If it is related to internet access, TripMode is an app that will block all sorts of internet traffic and can help you avoid embarrassing or annoying glitches like this.