Apple Music Crashes on MacOS

On both my laptop and desktop Macs - under both Ventura and Sonoma - Apple Music closes immediately after I open it. But Music works fine on iOS (both iPhone and iPad).

I have tried deleting my Music library, creating a new library, clearing the cache, and deleting the Plist. It even happens on a brand new Mac l sign into - so I suspect it has something to do with syncing to my Music library in iCloud.

I don’t care if I lose all of my long-ago downloaded music - I just want to be able to use Apple Music on my MacOs devices.


Corrupted library, maybe? Try holding option and double-clicking on Music to create a new library and see what happens.

Same response with Option key - it flashes to open the app and then immediately closes

Hmm, that’s not good. I guess my next stop would be munging Logging out and in of iCloud as well, maybe, but that’s such a pain.