Apple Music for Classical

The recent news that Apple Music will be partnering with Deutsche Grammophon for curated classical content has me once again considering subscribing.

Classical music is tough for mainstream services to get right, in part because their platforms aren’t built for hierarchically nested structures. They work on a model that assumes tracks are independent of each other (which isn’t always true even in non-classical music). I’ve heard of some classical-only streaming services (e.g., Primephonic) that offer better metadata, smarter searching, and quality curation, but they’re a little pricey.

I’d be interested in hearing what other classical music fans are doing for streaming music services. Also, does Apple working with Deutsche Grammophon signal more classically-oriented features to come? Or am I reading too much into that?

I’d be using Apple Music if it handled classical music the same as Spotify, but I’ve found it to be slightly better for a few reasons. For one, the tagging support of Work/Movement Number/Movement Name, and the handling of composer vs artist for this when you’re dealing with a “work,” is preferable to dealing with classical music as “Song/Artist/Album.” Then there’s human curation specific to classical music (the first year of Apple Music was much more interesting for curation IMO).

Honestly, more than hiring Deutsche Grammophon for curation, I wish Siri would handle classical music better. I’d gladly accept both though.