Apple Music (non-sub) with Sonos Play1

It’s been ages since I’ve used Apple Music as I’ve been a Spotify user for many years. However, I have tons of music from my iTunes library (remember that?) and I would love to be able to play that music onto my Sonos Play1. I actually still use iTunes Match.

The music is in Apple Music but I don’t subscribe to the Apple Music service. I know in the Sonos app I can set up Apple Music. However, it seems that to play anything, I have to subscribe to Apple Music.

Am I wrong or is there another way to get around this?


I was in your position a while back. Airplay 2 was the only workaround. Instead of starting with the Sonos app, start by picking the songs you want in the Music app and choosing the Play:1 as your speaker via Airplay 2. Since iTunes Match isn’t itself a streaming service, the direct integration just isn’t there.

My long-term solution was to add all that Music to Plex and get rid of iTunes Match. (I had Plex for videos already, so this wasn’t a major project.) The result is that I don’t have to use the Music App for anything anymore - which is great. And Plex + Sonos works quite well. Sorry there isn’t a more direct solution, but iTunes Match isn’t something Apple gives much thought to any more, I suspect.

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This is the solution I have used for my own music for a long time. Having had issues with where music was not listed in my iTunes library, but the files were still in the folder where iTunes was pointing to, I started to look for alternatives. After trialling a couple of options I settled on Plex as I could also add rips of my own DVDs (and Blu-Rays) to my Plex library as well. I purchased a lifetime subscription to Plex after using it for a few months and the price was not that excessive at the time (I think around £80).

When I started to look at options for smart speakers I was pleased to discover that you can add a Plex music library as a source in the Sonos app. I use this method to access my own music library on my Sonos speakers at home. I can also access the same music outside of my home through the Plex app, Plexamp, Prism or any other app that can access a Plex Library

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Thanks for the possible solution with Plex. Unfortunately, the Play1 does not have Airplay so I can’t do that.

Ahh, my bad. My Play:1s are now the “surround” speakers in our media room. I’d forgotten that we have “One” and “Five” speakers elsewhere for Airplay. If you listen to a lot of music (and it sounds like you do), I can’t recommend Plex enough. It’s been great for me.

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