Apple Music on iPhone — For You section will not display

I just upgraded my iPhone 11 Pro to iOS 14.5. One of the features I was looking forward to was the “For You” section being a thing. I could never find it easily under the old organisation.

So I go into the Music app and edit the Library screen and there it is, ticked for inclusion at the top of the screen. Except as soon as I exit Edit mode, it disappears. I’ve unticked, re-ticked, force quit the app, rebooted the phone, ticked and unticked other entries, reordered them — it still refuses to appear except in edit mode. Bug?

I have the same problem.

I am confused, didn’t “For you” become “Listen Now” with iOS 14?

On iOS I have a “Made for you” section under the Library, but it was on by default. It contains the Replay mixes, but not 2021 for some reason.

I don’t go into Apple Music often on my iPhone, but when I do it’s always a reminder how fast and responsive it is compared to the Mac version (which I use a lot).

Listen Now contains a section called “Made For You” which has the generated content (yearly replay mixes, weekly Favourites, Get Up, Chill, and New Music mixes). 14.5 was supposed to surface these in their own section available at the top of the Library tab. And it does… kinda. It’s clearly there in edit mode, and slides away to oblivion when you exit edit.

EDIT: Actually that section does not contain my yearly replay mixes, only the weekly ones.

Ahh ok, we are on the same page. Interesting that mine is only showing the annual Replay mixes though.

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Ohhh, fun fact — I thought to try opening Music on my MacBook Pro (recently upgraded to 11.3) and it does persist the “Made For You” section but it only includes my Replay Mixes.

Needs work, Apple.

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Errr, picked up my phone this morning and browsed Twitter, Slack etc for half an hour. Then on a whim I opened the Music app, I don’t even know why, but imagine my surprise when the Made For You section is now showing!!

However, it currently only contains my Favourites Mix and all the yearly Replay Mixes.

I guess the fix is…. ………. wait.

Mine still does not show.