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I just ended a 3 month trial of Apple Music and while I didn’t use it most of the time, at all, actually. I started using Apple Music a lot the last week or so before expiring. I’m really into classical music and it really opened up a world for me which wasn’t there when I tried Apple Music the first time around, it has certainly improved in classical music, making it worth considering a permanent subscription.

While the standard rate for Apple Music is $10 in the US. It is slightly higher in Denmark. Converted the subscription rate is some $16 a month.

So is there a cheaper way to get Apple Music?

Unfortunately my iTunes Match subscription just renewed as well. But I’d rather be on the safe side, as I have ripped all the CDs that I once had into iTunes Match. I wouldn’t want to lose that.

I also have a 200 GB iCloud account that I use nearly the most of. I have no interest in Apple TV+ and no interest in Apple Arcade.

Any cheaper way around that $16 a month for a cheep skate like me?

U.S. pricing below.

From here

Screenshot of Safari (12-13-20, 8-12-09 AM)

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iTunes Match is included with an Apple Music subscription. There’s a good chance Apple would give you a prorated refund on your recent iTunes Match renewal if you subscribe to Apple Music.

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Kinda off topic but knowing how little does streaming pay musicians if ever, reading this kind of hurts.

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Hey yeah no that’s right on topic. I hadn’t even thought about that for a second. Mainly I reckon, cause the composers I listen to have been dead for centuries. Of course the ones performing it some of them are still alive, but they are doing alright

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Signed up for the reduced student rate as I’m still affiliated with a university as a student. I’m surprised that there’s no yearly subscription for Apple Music at an ever more reduced rate

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Thanks for being graceful about my remark :blush:

As far as I know there is a yearly student price, but maybe it only unlocks once you subscribe. That’s what I had to do (open my monthly subscription, then switch it to yearly - I’m on the regular plan)

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I´m on a standard yearly subscription. I live in Portugal and pay €69 for a whole year of Apple Music. I don’t know why you don’t have that option. Maybe because you’ve signed as a student? (And therefore there isn´t a discounted yearly subscription option?)

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It is my understanding that Apple pays per stream a negotiation amount to the audio labels/artists.

If this is true, then it’s irrelevant how much we pay. For example, in India, Apple Music is crazy cheap (USD2 a month). Happy to be corrected on this one.

The introduction of the Apple One plan further supports my understanding that it’s based on a fixed cost per stream.

I know Apple pays more per stream than Spotify but the difference isn’t huge and more people use Spotify anyway.

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Yeah could be the student thing. Gonna check it out now. Cause will check in once in a while to see if one is still a student.

How much would you estimate that you save by doing the yearly subscription?

Yes, it’s a fixed cost per stream, at least in Europe and (AFAIK) the US. And indeed Apple is among the “least worst” payers but it still amounts to micro amounts.

Around 15€ per year. The monthly subscription is €6,99.

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It’s $4 for Apple Music Family in the Philippines. Sometimes it’s not just the price, there are content that are not available because of distribution issues. There’s a couple of film soundtracks that has grey-out tracks. It took a few years for The White Stripes other album besides Icky Thump to arrive on our Apple Music catalog. Its a good thing that I have those in my iCloud Music Library. It’s not as prevalent but still sucks sometimes.

Note that the catalog is the same with Spotify so I can’t just switched services.

Do you know how that compares to the per-song royalties if you buy them a la carte in iTunes?

If you really wanted to support a given artist, is one way substantially better than the others?

Attend their concerts and buy their merchandise. I read some years ago that artists rarely make more than 2% of all music sales. The bulk of the money goes to the labels and distribution.


Yes, events are the best, but independents still get a substantial cut of digital downloads. It’s definitely better than streaming (I see some money when somebody buys on iTunes. I see virtually nothing with streams.)

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Yup! These are the prices for Apple Music, along with the USD conversions, here in India. However, I chose to pay the equivalent of $9.50/year (!) for Spotify (not because of the price but because I prefer it and like to keep my personal music collection separate from the streaming bit.)

Apple Music - Apple (IN) 2020-12-14 13-03-48

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That’s one reason I was a CD Baby customer. :+1:t3:

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Thats interesting you say that, as in you paid for Spotify USA. A friend of mine, based in USA is actually subscribed to Spotify India as he prefers Indian music.

This makes me think that its not necessary music preference is based on region. For example, an Indian living in USA will prefer Indian music. Same would go for an American living in India will prefer the USA version of Spotify.

At least with Spotify, one can still choose the region. Its not straight forward but its easier than Apple Music, where one has to change the region of your Apple ID which will cause all sorts of issues.

I should have made it clearer in my post that I paid for Spotify India. They had a promo running last year which enabled me to sign up for Rs 699/year (for the first year), which is the equivalent of $9.50.

I’m not sure if it is possible to sign up for a country in which you are not based and whether the account is linked to the billing address or not. As an Indian living in India, but one who listens more to international music, I can tell you that there don’t seem to be any glaring holes in Spotify’s catalog. I’d be surprised to find there being any significant difference between the content available on Spotify in the US and in India. This wasn’t always the case though. Till a few months ago, India became the battleground for a dispute over licensing negotiations between Spotify and Warner Music Group, because of which content from Warner (which is considerable) wasn’t available on Spotify India. However, this has thankfully been resolved since and the Spotify catalog is now comparable to that of its peers.