Apple Music question

So I recently gave into trying Apple Music and I have a music library I’ve kept for years and years. I thought iCloud music was going to be able to blend my music and Apple Muisc’s catalog. How come I have tons of tracks grayed out and I can’t download them? The weirdest thing is when certain tracks on popular albums are grayed out. Like tracks 2, 5, and 9 on a Green Day album. I am authorized to play all this music on the original Mac. Should I be calling Apple support?

I suffered through this same thing. I had a big, very organized library before going to Apple Music. What I discovered was when iCloud was merging the libraries it did some weird thing where it kept an existing track and added the matching iCloud track. After that, I had all sorts of odd greyed-out tracks and albums. Essentially, what i had to do was painstakingly delete (AFTER BACKING UP!!) all my existing library items from iTunes where there was a corresponding matching iCloud track. It worked, I didn’t lose anything and my library is cleaned up. I also learned that sometimes the greyed out track just meant that my library track had not been uploaded to iCloud properly. Click on that icon and it will try again.

I apologize that I don’t have a useful “follow these six steps” to resolve this, but it sounds like you are dealing with what I did. The good news is it is fixable. It helps to use a track or album listing mode where you can sort columns. Then you can see the duplicates, errors, etc. I hope this helps at least a tiny bit.

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This sounds related to the annoying track duplication issue that I have from time to time. Have you seen that as well?


It seems to have resolved and it was due to iCloud analyzing and uploading the tracks. I felt like a full day was enough time to do that but apparently not. Wish they would warn you that it could take some time to sort through a library so I didn’t prematurely freak out and vent. I will be on the lookout for dupes gents. Ya got me worried.

Yes. I also experienced the track duplication. What I found was that if I deleted my original library track and downloaded the icloud version, I could fix the problem. The key was approaching it from both the Finder and iTunes. It was a bit of a pain, but in the end it worked out fine, I cleaned out and re-organized my library, but it did take about a half a day.

** Note also, when I say I deleted the tracks, that was after I made a complete backup of my library as it existed before I susbscribed to Apple Music.

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