Apple Music / Spotify / Pandora / do you subscribe to multiple streaming sources?

Do you subscribe to multiple music streaming sources?

I subscribe to Apple Music and Spotify. Apple Music because of music match (my legacy pre-Apple Music collections) and streaming on my watch. Spotify because discovery is easier and I find their playlist feature easier to manage and it supports streaming to Echo – my home has both denominations: Home Pod and Echo. I assume most of the content is the same in both, so I could drop one, but then there is something I would lose in each case.

Pandora I gave up because I didn’t have a reason not to.

I only subscribe to Apple Music. Compared to spotify the discovery is not great, but my tastes are so… particular? that even Spotify has been “hit and mostly miss”. But I definitely think playlists and discovery are compelling Spotify features that certainly distinguish it from Apple Music.

I’m more of an “album person”, myself, and at this point any of the streaming services readily play full albums and have most artists that aren’t stubborn (ahem Tool ahem) or totally obscure. So Apple Music it is, since it integrates nicely with my existing library and all my hardware.

I’ve been Spotify only since before Apple had a streaming option. Today I just updated their app and I’m listening from my wrist as I type this!!! I’d given up on Spotify coming to the Apple Watch, but it’s finally here!!!

I still use iTunes Match ($25/year) to match all my old ripped music, but I’ve never subscribed to Apple’s streaming service. Spotify is just fine with me and iTunes Match when I’m looking for something specific in my collection.

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Looks like Spotify on the Watch is so far just a remote control for Spotify on the phone – is that the case?

I’m not sure what you mean by “just a remote.” What features are you looking for that aren’t there?

I can access my playlists, toggle shuffle mode, favorite/heart songs, and start and stop from the watch, select/change Bluetooth devices, and the Digital Crown adjust volume.

It does everything I need it to.

I subscribe to Apple Music (family plan) and Pandora. Pandora has great background music stations that I listed to while working.

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Apple Music so I can tell Siri (HomePods) to play things, and Pandora for playlists for studying and working.
I find Apple Music doesn’t understand what I like when I tell Siri to play music for studying, thinking, focusing, etc. she/Apple thinks that includes songs with lyrics.