Apple Music with existing iTunes match - does it work?

I have an extensive personal collection with mainly Irish Trad, most of it won’t be on Apple Music. I have been using iTunes Match and the iCloud library for years.
What happens if I subscribe to Apple Music?
I don’t mid that if I download music from Apple music into my library that it is all in the same library.
But how does it work practically?
What if Apple music contains part of my library?
And if I just stream music? Is it added? What if I stream something that is in my library? What if I rip a CD I bought? Or add files from let’s say bandcamp to my personal library?
Thanks for any insights.

Apple Music includes iTunes Match, so Apple recommends you cancel Match once you subscribe to Apple Music.

FYI, if Apple offers any songs that you have in your existing library it may change your album art and/or some of the metadata. Some people say they have never had this happen. Some, like me, have had iTunes make a mess of my library. YMMV. I suggest you make a backup of your music before proceeding.

You can stream music without having it added to your library, that is your choice. If you rip a new CD it will be matched, or uploaded if Apple does not already have it available.


And sorry for the late reply.
I started a few days ago, after backing up the existing library. So far, it all looks well. Maybe it helps that I have already used iTunes Match for years…