Apple New AR/VR World?

First thing you need to know is the changes coming are WAY deeper than just a VR/AR headset, which would be important enough on its own. So, what is Apple getting ready to announce over the next year?

Really interesting article:

Wondering what others think …

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Skimmed it. It all sounds very Michio Kaku-esque. (Google contact lenses, etc.)

In addition, these things undermine the credibility of the article for me.

When I worked at Microsoft I got in trouble with the lawyers over patents so they made me sleep with a lawyer (true story, that was my punishment).

Disclaimer. Apple is my #2 position in my investments after Tesla. I also am invested in Apple competitors, Qualcomm, Snap, Microsoft, Amazon, and about 50 other companies in a diverse portfolio. That said, I’m very bullish about Apple and expect it to be a lot bigger by 2030 than it is today, because of this strategical shift underway.


The guy makes a lot of dramatic assertions. Without citing any supporting evidence in most cases. He saw an “Apple Mapping” car drive by – he must have x-ray vision because he dissected the equipment and explained all its wonders without touching it.

The test of omniscient bloggers is to come back to their fantastical list and score its truthiness in a year or so.

Definitely a fun read but Scoble is not a reliable source for rumors. He speculates based on patents (which are often cover-all-bases defensive filings) and where he thinks computing should be going, rather than investigate the supply chain as more reliable reporters do. He also has a major weakness for big visions of interconnected computing, VR, etc. (e.g. he was really excited about Google Glass.) Again, nothing wrong with all that; I appreciate those who can cast an exciting technological vision. But I wouldn’t expect much of that over the next year without corroboration from reporters with a reputation for accuracy.


good lord, is he still around? I haven’t heard his name in years… and hope to repeat experience.

Scoble’s main talent seems to be promoting Scoble. Can’t remember the last time it seemed like he had a meaningful contribution to add.

(He may be a wonderful person for all I know. Just not my “type”.)

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