Apple Notes Wishlist

I only have 1…

I really enjoy using Apple Notes for a variety of things (basically as part of my second brain system). I know it’ll probably never happen but I would love for them to make the writing experience in a separately opened note like Ulysses or IA Writer in terms of margins/centering the content.

I added a feature request as well in this thread:

That would be cool. I’m not fussed much about markdown or export features, I just want to be able to not have my text flush with the left side of the window lol

Though you are not concerned with MD, if you ever change your mind there is an app that will export Apple Notes to MD. I have a recurring reminder to do this every 6 months.


A horizontal line {HR} that scales to the full width of whatever screen you are using.

A reliable sync. I decided to revisit because of Quick Note functionality but I’ve multiple issues with syncing within a week’s time. I’ve tried multiple things but at this point, I have to move away from it.

I had that experience a year ago but I’ve been using ANs for several months. I have 509 notes and so far the sync has been solid.

The ability to disable Quick Notes

Lots of small tweaks they could make but the #1 thing I’ve been wishing for is the ability to turn any hyperlink into a link preview.

Currently you can only get link previews if you share a URL to Notes via the Share extension, which feels like an arbitrary limitation. Let me right-click any link (even just ones on their own line) and choose to display it as a preview or keep it as a simple hyperlink.

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