Apple Numbers: Need a way to auto match content

Hello everyone.

After entering numbers in cells in Apple Numbers app, I need some way to run a script, macro of something to mark all cells that have a match, for instance giving the cell background a color.

All cells that have a matching number in another cell will change the cell color or yellow.

6.22 in call 1A

6.22 in cell 22B

Both cells would get a yellow background.


How can this be accomplished?

This should explain how to do it.


This was helpful to help articulate the need…

“Conditional formatting to identify duplicates.”

Turns out this functionality apparently (somehow) does not exist nor achievable in Apple Numbers natively - how that need was omitted is beyond me.

That said, someone created a service plugin for numbers that flags duplicates. The flag will highlight duplicates, however only the duplicates so it still requires hunting out its paIred duplicate value in my case…and that is fine and I appreciate the plug in.

For anyone in the future finding this post, here is a link to the thread and plug-in. Plug in works as of 01/15/2023.

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Ahh sorry, Excel can do that, so I assumed Numbers could as well.