Apple One bundle

Thought this deserves its own thread. Apple’s page on the new bundle:

Three plans:
Individual – $14.95/mo

  • Music
  • tv+
  • Arcade
  • 50gb iCloud

Family – $19.95/mo

  • Music
  • tv+
  • Arcade
  • 200gb iCloud

Premier – $29.95/mo

  • Music
  • tv+
  • Arcade
  • 2tb iCloud
  • News+
  • Fitness+

I have to say I’m pretty tempted by that Premier bundle. Right now I’m paying for Music and the 200gb iCloud tier, and am on the “free with device” tv+ plan, which I plan to renew when the time comes. However, my photo library is knocking up against the limit of the 200gb iCloud tier. Once I start paying for tv+ and the 2tb iCloud tier I’ll be paying $24.97. An extra $5 for News+, Fitness+, and Arcade seems like a decent deal.


Premier plan is a no brainer for my family. We are already doing $15/month for Music and $10/month for iCloud storage and were planning on adding on the Fitness service, so we’ll come out ahead this way. Arcade will go completely unused and TV will probably continue to be mostly unused, but this will at least let me have a look at News (which I doubt I will ultimately use much considering I don’t want someone else curating what I read there).

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I will subscribe to the Premier plan. I am currently paying $400 year (Arcade $50; TV+ $50; Music-family $180; iCloud Storage $120). So I would be saving $40/year and would get News+ and Fitness+ as lagniappe.

Premiere is a no brainer for my family.

I’ve been wanting to consolidate our iCloud storage.

I’m an Apple Music subscriber but my wife is interested in having access.

We have a Peleton and view Fitness as a nice complementary service.

Apple TV Plus, Arcade for my boy and News Plus will be the cream on top

Right now I pay for:

  • Apple Music (individual subscription, family sharing not available)
  • iCloud 200GB (individual; I think my parents pay for lowest tier for themselves)
  • Arcade (shared with parents)
  • Apple News+ (shared with parents)
  • Apple TV+ (shared with parents)

Once my free subscription to Apple TV+ ends, that’ll come to a monthly total of $32.95.

Apple One Premier will add Fitness+, increase iCloud storage to 2TB, and make everything shareable, for $29.99.

That’s not a hard call…


I’ll be getting the $30/mo bundle. I’ll be saving money and it will be adding AppleArcade for me. It’s a no brainer.

I would love to save on Dropbox by buying the big iCloud bucket, I’m very interested in Fitness+ and News+ and I already have Music.

But I’m French.
So I’m cursed.


Close call for us. Already have 1tb iCloud, Music, and free TV+. Would find News handy and Arcade could be fun. I will evaluate later this fall as a few come up for renewal this winter.

Apple One is not suitable for our family. We subscribe to the 2tb plan but only use 500gb. We only use Arcade during December holidays and unsubscribe after that.

Was kinda hoping Apple would release a 1tb plan.

Based on what plans are announced, Its clear to me Apple is trying to get people to pay a little more ($5 a month) for services which you would otherwise not pay full price and probably wont use.

Just my view. Happy for those that were already paying more and now thanks to this plan, will pay less. Probably a minority other wise why would Apple do this.


Definitely will get the Premier plan, even if I don’t use the Fitness+ service (not likely). I’ll dump Dropbox too.

That was my thought. That even it work for me, that is not the normal, this is a way to force people to pay 3 dollars more for service that they do not use… so, business strategy. For me I can use family plan and will work perfectly.

I’m not sure that Apple is trying to force anybody to do anything, unless they kill all of the a la carte services. But a small extra amount each month for a bigger, better package is a decent psychological draw, and will probably get some more subscribers.


Thanks for sharing, Chris!

Apple One pricing in the Philippines. Thank you for regional pricing at least. Apple Music is cheaper because of distribution.

Apple single:
₱375 ($7.75)

Apple One Family:
₱495 ($10.23)

Looks like I have to purchase iCloud 2TB though so I’m hoping there’s a discount. Otherwise it will cost $22 for Apple One Family since it’s a separate purchase. Better option would be Premiere but that’s not available on my country. Bummer.

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That’s a great avatar @Bacigirl

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This is a tough call for me. I don’t play games on my devices, so Arcade really isn’t for me. On the other hand, I have Music, News, and 200gb tier iCloud. ($23 or thereabouts, all told). I also have Tv+ because I purchased an iPad mini in March, but truthfully I haven’t watched much of the content, even with having more home time because of the quarantine.

So I’m not sure if any of these bundles are right for me? I wish there was an option to switch out Arcade for News, that might appeal to me greatly.


Like @anon85228692 : Premier plan would be a no brainer…
But I’m Dutch, so no go

I wish someone at apple learned that even kids in primary school over here have English classes (mine even had German + Spanish)
We’d be very ok listening to the fitness instructors in English…

Probably a liability thing

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I pay for Apple Music and 200GB on iCloud which comes just below the individual plan. I don’t really play games and I’ve got a year of TV from a recent Mac purchase so I’ll be sticking to what I’ve got. I doubt I’d pay for TV with the current catalog anyway.

The fitness part is intriguing but I’m in Belgium where it’s not available.

I also suspect what they call cycling is closer to spinning. And being limited to data from the watch, that means no smart trainers, no power or cadence measurements.

I guess I’ll stick to Zwift for cycling and Youtube for Yoga.

For now I’m staying on the $0.99 and 50GB plan. I have zero use for Music, Arcade, TV+, News, Fitness+ and my Music needs are covered by the Spotify family plan.
If I would have security cameras or more iOS devices in my family to share services with it would be a different story. Let alone compared to just getting 200GB of iCloud storage.

I agree. The tiers seem to be designed to sell/up sell some products (Storage) and draw users to newer ones that show promise (Apple TV+) or those that appear to be a dud (News+)