Apple Pay transactions on iPhone when using watch

I used to use Applepay on my phone but now I use my watch. With my phone, I could see all the transactions in my Wallet. But if use my watch, I can’t see my transactions on my phone. Is there a setting to get transactions back on my phone?

It’s not possible to sync these transactions. They’re kept entirely on the individual devices. The only way you can see transactions everywhere is to have a card issuer that pushes the transaction information from its server to Wallet (Apple Card, a couple others) or to the card issuer’s own app: Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.)

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You can see the watch transactions on the linked iPhone as follows:

Open the Watch app.
Go to Wallet & Apple Pay.
Tap on the bank card you are interested in at the top of the screen.
Switch to the Transactions tab.

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, it is not combined with the iPhone transactions in the iPhone wallet app.


Each device is issued a separate virtual card number, this means that while money comes from the same account, the transaction histories are per Virtual number on each device (as if each device was it’s own card)

As others have said, you either need to look at your bank/credit card account, or look in the Watch app on your phone.

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Thank you all for the clarification. Much appreciated.

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I think there is one exception. I almost exclusively use the Apple Card for Apple Pay transactions and I can see all transactions on both the phone and the watch. My Visa card Apple Pay transactions, made with the phone, do not show on the watch.

Edit: My Apple Card is the Apple MasterCard, not the Apple Card discussed by @ Ben_Wah here

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