Apple Pencil 1st Gen stopped working

Today in the middle of working on a project with my pencil, it disconnected. Not completely uncommon, as I have had this a few times every few months.

However, this time is wouldn’t reconnect. Twice it connected for a few seconds and dropped again.
I did the basic troubleshooting (pencil is charged, I disconnected and ‘unpaired’ and restarted iPad a few times), with no luck.

It feels like its dead. Showing no sign of connecting.

Im wondering if this is something anyone else has had happen? I have been using it hard for 2 years, on an iPad 6th Gen. iPad OS 14.2.

Appreciate and feedback if people have had this happen.

The battery likely went bad due to heavy use for multiple years. It commonly happens with tiny Apple batteries (Apple Pencil, AirPods, Apple Watch).

Ah. That makes sense. Thanks! Does apple repair these if I hang onto it for next time im in the USA?

no. They are glued together and cannot be disassembled without breaking them. They exchange them for a new one if they are under guarantee. Since it’s old I imagine they’ll tell you to buy a new one.


Maybe I can use it to stir paint or something…

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