Apple Pencil not going to sleep

It used to be the Apple Pencil (v2 with an iPad Pro) would go to sleep when not in use. I know it did this because after an hour or so it would disappear from the battery widget on the iPad. The Pencil’s battery would last a week with light use.

Since the last iPadOS update (16.2) the Pencil never disappears from the battery widget and the battery is draining in 2-3 days.

I tried rebooting the iPad, but have no idea what else I can do. Anyone else notice this?

I have no good idea, but it would be interesting to see how the pencil behaves with a different iPad.

Maybe, the battery inside the pencil has died or is beginning to die and the iPad is trying to charge the pencil constantly because of that.


Apple will replace the pencil for $29 if there is an issue with its battery:

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Thanks, I have a second iPad (Mini), same behavior, it stays active. So either the pencil is dying or there is a bug. Guessing since no one else is seeing this, must be just me. Pencil is 4 years old I think.

I have not noticed anything similar so far. Knocking on wood.

The only debug option for Apple Pencils that comes into my mind is re-pairing it to the iPad (forget device - and then pairing it again). But I doubt that it will do the trick.

I guess a replacement pen might be the “solution”. If it is the battery, it should only cost $29 (it feels a bit funny calling the pen’s replacement a “battery replacement”, but that’s another story).

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Thanks @Christian, unpairing it and repairing it worked. It now goes to sleep after it hasn’t been used for awhile.

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