Apple Photos on Mac - starting location - middle of Africa!

Anyone know why Apple Photos when you click on places starts ( in my case Burkino Faso) it might be 0deg Longtitude and 0deg latitude. Thanks in advance.
PS On iOS it starts in the UK where I live.

Yes, it’s 0x0. Means that device can’t access your current location for some reason so it defaults to Earth default coordinates.

Thanks but this happens on every Mac I own and also my clients macs at different offices or homes.
It’s okay on iOS photos.
Still puzzled :thinking:

Probably because macOS does not access location in the same way. iOS devices have GPS chips, Macs don’t. Macs try to guess your location using your Internet connection with variable results.

Okay noted. The Apple Maps app on the same Mac(s) can find my location when you click on the “Show your location” button. I’m guessing it’s broken in Photos for our area of the UK.