Apple Photos - Quality is drastically reduced

I’ve been trying to improve my “People” on Apple Photos. I use it via Photos in the Cloud with my Mac Mini, iPad and iPhone. All on the last version.

Photos is so poor quality. It regularly will not offer you a Person you’ve already added, despite typing the exact letters in their name.

It also will not any longer sort the People by alphabetical order, new People are added to the bottom of the list.

And working between the iPad and Mac is a chore, how are you supposed to know when changes have been synced.

And worst of all, after 5 years, there is still no way to build a smart album of unnamed faces.

C’mon Apple.

Who offers that besides the NSA? :wink:

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It’s by no means perfect but I’m generally happy with the feature/privacy balance.

I quite like the custom sorting as I can have family etc at the top and people with less importance at the bottom.

I’d love to be able to group people, maybe in folders.

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