Apple Quick Notes resurfacing issue

My Goal: I want to take notes about movies and have them resurface when I visit the same movie page.

Let me use one specific use case as the example: I use Trakt & IMDB. Both have mobile apps & websites. Quick notes can add from both sources a link to the quick note so when I come back to the same movie I see the quick note in the bottom right corner showing up.

The Problem is that the quick note that was added from safari, is not surfacing when I use the app, and vice versa.

Why might this be happening? Now for IMDb the safari link added to the note has the Mobile site prefix while the app link does not. So fine maybe then it cannot work with IMDb. What about Well there the link is the same from the app and from the website. I made two quick notes from both their website and the app, copied one into the other but that didn’t help.

So then I copied the link element from quick notes into the Gladys app and I found that the meta data info is slightly different but I’m not sure if that is the reason why app & safari added quick notes are not interoperable with the surfacing feature.

I’m curious if any of you use Apple’s Quick Notes in any similar way? And do you have any idea what’s going wrong with what I’m trying to do and if you have an idea how to fix it or if you have found some workaround?