Apple Reminders / Apple Notes

I would always make lists/reminders in Reminders. Then I just started playing around more with Apple Notes and it’s pretty nice for lists. Now I’m not sure which one to use for lists. I’m interested to hear what other people use reminders or notes. Also does anyone in notes use one folder just for an inbox then send it to another folder?

I use Apple Notes for text and handwritten notes and “research”, e.g., when I’m shopping for something. I use DEVONThink for real research.

I only use Reminders for personal projects/to-dos. I use OF for professional projects/to-dos.

As to generic lists, e.g., groceries, I use AnyList.

With Reminders you can add dates and locations and it will then notify you accordingly; you can’t do this in Notes. Personally I use Notes for everything, including lists, and if I want to schedule something I use my calendar app.

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I use Apple Reminders for tasks, with Shortcuts to add features. Reminders itself is too basic for me, but with some Shortcuts, I can get it to a semi-OmniFocus level.

Apple Notes I use for all my notes, research, etc. It’s a storage/knowledge base for me. And yes, I have an Inbox folder. It’s just the default “Notes”.

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What shortcuts do you use to get it to a near Omnifocus level? I’m really interested

@ThatNerd how do you like having an inbox for your notes? I’m thinking about trying that out. I’m also interested what shortcuts you use for reminders .

Inbox user here. Once you have started seriously using the app for filing you need a landing spot for as-yet-unfiled notes.

That’s one of the reasons I’d tried to use SnipNotes as an Apple Notes replacement: it not only has a dedicated inbox folder, it also lists numbers of files in folders so you can see at a glance how many unfiled notes you need to file to get to inbox-zero. (As I’ve mentioned elsewhere I didn’t make the switch to it because the app does not yet accept attachments besides jpegs, which I didn’t realize until after I purchased it.)

Apple Notes shows number of files in folders.

@Jjm, I really need the Inbox! or else I would probably lose a bunch of notes in random folders. Highly recommend. I have ~300 notes and the more you get, the more you need an Inbox. Regarding your question (and @eternalux) about my Reminders shortcuts, I’m going to write a post about it for this forum soon. I’ll update you guys here once I finish it :slight_smile:

If Notes finally shows the number of files in folders it’s not in the Mojave version I’m using. One more thing to look forward to.

Oh yeah. I’m not sure if it’s in Mojave but it was definitely in Catalina + the latest iOS and iPadOS. :slight_smile:

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Can you post enough information to get forum users to the problem screen(s)?