Apple Reminders Tags in iOS15

Playing with Apple Reminders tags.

Seems you can’t add 2 tags to a filter for a smart list?
I added #60 & #120 to filter by length of task. If I use both, no tasks show up. If I use either, respective tasks show. :man_shrugging:

Am I doing it wrong?

It’s probably not an “OR” conditional, it’s probably an “AND”. So it’ll only show tasks that contain BOTH #60 and #120.

Try to add two separate “Tags” rules and see if an option shows to say “Any of these” rather than “All of these”.

Example from

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Thanks Kennon, Seems those options are not there as they are in Mail.

I did think to create a 2nd Tag rule but it seems you can only use a filter once per smart list at this stage. Have tried adding parameters between the tags (“and”, “&”) and no dice!
Currently on Apple Communities and Twitter seeking further wisdom. :smiley:

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Reminders tags in Smart Lists are an “All” application, not the “Any” filter that you’ve intended, unfortunately. Still, a really nice addition.

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Yes, this makes sense when you think of the other tags. Fair enough.