Apple September iPhone Watch Event 2023 Reactions

I really wanted to try the fairphone 5. But I thought I’d wait to see what the 15’s brought. However, the many years and iOS exclusives (I’m looking at you Overcast, Callsheet, et al) plus the need to have FindMy for family safety I am upgrading from an iPhone 13 Pro to …. an iPhone 15. Money was the main deciding factor plus portrait feature and weight. Colours didn’t play into it as I’ve gone black.

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I was thinking about the same upgrade. I created a separate post about it:

If you write it off every year are you recapturing the write off when you transfer it to your wife for personal use? Or when you trade it in?

I liked the videos (some of you all need to lighten up, it’s entertainment) and the navy blue Pro phone a lot. I am really tempted but my 13 pro is still doing fine. I may wait until next year and upgrade before the 16 arrives. My S4 watch is still hanging in there and I didn’t see any must have feature this year so I’ll prob wait until it stops holding a charge or I decide to shell out for an ultra.

Good for Apple for walking the walk and setting an example re sustainability. Just going up there and spewing facts would be boring and not as memorable as the Mother Nature skit. I thought that was clever.

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When I trade it in, based on amortized value.

Only reason i’m thinking of upgrading from a still relatively new iphone 13 to non-pro 15 is to finally rid of that stupid notch of older iphones. How I dislike notches on iphones and Macs :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Update from my previous comment; I caved and upgraded my 12PM to 15PM. They really nailed the weight and design. You can tell a noticeable difference in weight and comfort while holding it. I also traded in my iPad mini for a Shure MV88 video kit with external mic. I can’t wait to start shooting video with this. I used to use a GoPro but gave it to a friend recently to use in a marching band.

Overall I’m pleased with my purchase, but I would have a hard time justifying it if I had the 14. But that’s just my personal opinion. I can tell the processor is noticeably snappier than my 12PM.

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