Apple Shortcuts Help - List of Omnifocus Tasks for Morning Review Shortcut

Hi everyone. I’m looking for a little guidance. Would any one mind taking a look at my workflow and giving me some advice? I’d appreciate any help.

I have a morning review I complete every morning in Day One. I used to use textexpander and shortcuts and drafts (run shortcut to get calendar list to drafts, copy from drafts to Day One on computer). I’m trying to use a shortcut to simplify the process and I feel I’m so very close. It currently pastes all my morning review questions and inserts my calendar items for the day fine.

The only thing I can’t figure out is how to get a list of incomplete OmniFocus tasks with a due date. In its current state, I get the task list without dates (this is the version linked). I fiddled around and the best I could do is get the task list then right below the name of the tasks a list of all the due dates separately.

Alternatively, I would be happy with a list of only the OmniFocus tasks due on that day but I’m not sure how to set the date for only tasks due that day. It would be great if they could be organized by project.

I would also love to put a [ ] in front of each tasks to create a check mark box.

You appear to be very close to what you need

I think you just need to tweak the Repeat loop to something like this.

The “- [ ]” at the start of the text will convert to a checkbox in Day One. Note that there has to be a space between the square brackets.

The Due Date is obtained by having a second instance of the Repeat Item and selecting Due Date as the item of data to get.

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Thanks! For some reason I don’t see the New Lines variable. How did you add that? This is what I have now

Figured it out, thanks Roger!