Apple Shows AR/VR Headset to Board in Sign of Progress on Key Project

Another rumor I’m actually interested in—rare for me.

I am interested in this product.

No way I’d touch a VR/AR headset from Meta, and that seems to be the leading technology at the moment.

Ha same! I’m really interest in this tech generally (feels like a step closer to Star Trek holodecks!). I’m not sure I will ever use it though, I get bad headaches and the Quest headsets carry warnings. Unless a really amazing game is on Apple’s version I’m not sure it will be worth the pain. We really need to evolve better eyes for all our devices :grimacing:

TBH I’m not hugely interested in VR but I see AR as compelling. Anything we’re now doing on a phone or tablet screen—and some of the things we do on our Macs—might be more suitably done in AR goggles. And AR will have its own applications, many of which we’re not even thinking about.

I would be interested in AR glasses if they weren’t immediately identifiable as tech. But that will probably take a few more years.

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for me, no way I touch ANYTHING from Meta. And I hate some app/service using Facebook as a community / support forum

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