Apple Store Venting/ a couple questions

The other day I went to the Apple store with my wife to finally upgrade her phone from an iPhone 7 to 13 pro max. We walked in the person at the front got someone to help us and the guy was nice but, he was missing the normal Apple good attitude, I want to geek out as we talk. I always get that good attitude all the other times I go to buy a new product at the Apple Store. So my wife picks the color, and the gentleman walked away to get something and as he did my wife is like is this guy ok? Are you ok with him? I’m like yeah he is fine. I’m the Apple geek of the family my wife definitely isn’t. He comes back and starts typing the stuff in his phone to have my wife’s number switched to the new phone. I said we also want to get Apple care on the phone, he goes ok Apple care +, I said I thought there were two different ones(I couldn’t remember the name of Apple care theft at the time) he goes no it’s all called Apple care + it’s only one tier, I said ok, but still seemed confused. Then I wanted to ask him about computers cause we wanted to buy one also and he pointed to where they are and didn’t really talk much about them. Then we left and then it clicked in my head about the correct name for Apple care theft. I looked and yeah it’s the wrong one on the receipt. So we went back to the Apple Store and I told a different guy what happened he goes yeah you guys were just in here and he got someone to help me and they refunded me the money for Apple care, then told me I had to call Apple care on the phone to add it again, I’m like ok so you can’t just upgrade me and I pay the difference? He said no. I’m like ahhh ok. Then we looked at computers and the guy standing there was very friendly and very helpful, just like I always had in the Apple store.
So then I call Apple care, the worker at the store told me just talk to Apple care and they will fix the issue. Then I get someone one the phone told them I need Apple care help and the guy says he isn’t Apple care but will try and help me. He sends me a link to buy Apple care again and I want to use my Apple Card to buy it but it’s my wife’s phone, her Apple ID. I haven’t done it yet cause I have a couple questions. I live by an Apple store I don’t know if I should go to the store.

My questions are can they upgrade an Apple care purchase in the store or let me buy the correct one?

If I do it from the website like the tech sent me , I just want to pay for it, I don’t want to it to be on my account at all. I know it’s on the serial number of the phone but it asked for my Apple ID. Is that normal?

I know this isn’t a big problem at all but it just bothered me. Other times I go other employees explain so much about the different Apple care or MagSafe. I guess that’s what I’m use to.

Sooooo… when the Survey comes from Apple (providing the Sales Specialist got the correct email address from you) PLEASE be very detailed in your description of how this interaction went. I would also mention that this felt like a “Transactional rather than Transformational” experience. You can use that wording if you like.

My best guess is you got someone who is being prepped for the upcoming Holiday Season (poorly I might add) and it not quite up to speed on all your options. Or you got someone who just didn’t care about being there and was counting down to their next break… It is a shame that happened.

Call AppleCare and tell them which coverage you want for your wife’s new iPhone. It doesn’t matter how you pay for it, because it is tied to the specific device not your AppleID. The AppleID is used to auto fill info in the system. If you are in the USA, call 1-800-APL-CARE and you will get the service you deserve. Have the box to her phone handy so you can provide her Serial number to them.

I am assuming the store was busy when you were there. Gone are the days of “geeking out” about Apple products. Unless you mean whatever is the current product today. Even then, you may leave less than fulfilled. This is Apple Retail of today. Not the same place or job when I started on 2005. Spent 16 years there, I still love the Product but the Business end has changed. Sorry your “Experience” was not up to your expectations.


Thanks. The store wasn’t busy at all. When I said geeking out, I just met talking to the retail associate about about the product you’re buying, telling you about options if you don’t know them, and asking if you need a case or anything else. Just basic old school customer service.

When I got my iPhone 12 Pro Max, the guy was great talking to me about the Apple Card, showing me how MagSafe works, talking to me about the different Apple cares. Even though I new some of the answers I still let him talk and some new stuff I learned from him. He was selling me on stuff but he wasn’t pushing products or services on me.

Can I go to the store and pay for Apple care? I live right by a store.

Because AppleCare+ coverage was tied to this device, and then refunded, your best option is to call AppleCare directly. They can make sure you have the coverage you desire with the least amount of hassle. Going back to the store may be a waste of your time. I fully expect they will tell you that a call to AppleCare is the only option.

Best of Luck and Welcome to the MPU forums!

We also all have crummy days and this doesn’t even sound like a terrible experience. I’d give the guy some slack.


I get it, although it’s worth noting that if he hadn’t gone home to do additional research he would’ve left the Apple Store without the coverage that he was told he’d paid for. And if he actually had it stolen, smart money is that Apple wouldn’t cut him some slack - and he’d potentially be out $1000 or so.

Had this sort of thing happen with my original Airpods. When I bought them, I asked to buy AppleCare. The sales rep told me it wasn’t available for Airpods. I was surprised, and asked if he was sure. He said “yup”. Fast forward a year or so when I had a failure after the built-in hardware warranty ran out. “Well, if you’d purchased AppleCare we could do something - but as it is we can’t.”

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Great way to put it. I’m just more mad about the Apple care, that’s what I’m mad about. If the guy is having a bad day fine, but at least know about the different Apple care you can sell with the phone.