Apple Studio Display - Monitor Calibration?

Are folks using color calibration tools for their Studio Displays or iMac Displays?

Is such calibration necessary for occasional printing at online printers like Blurb, Snapfish, Printque, etc.?

I did have an X-rite Colormunki Display that I used with my iMac when printing using an Epson Stylus 3800. However, the printer had died and so it seems that the munki has gone too.

you might want to watch this one:


Thanks. Lots of info on Art’s youtube.
Art is a strong advocate for hardware calibrated monitors.

In the past I’ve had good results using a 2017 iMac and printing using an Epson Stylus 3080. Also have had good results printing Blurb books. So I’m not strongly inclined to find hardware calibrated monitors as a critical distinction.

Having said that, my color perception may not be the greatest.
However, back in the day, I worked in a professional portrait studio lab printing type c color.

I like his “real world” testing comparing different softwares and different kind of benchmarks (CPU GPU Ram etc).

As for color calibration I’m slightly colour blind (and just an amateur photographer) and thus cannot catch all the nuances of a calibrated monitors :stuck_out_tongue:

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