Apple tutorial sites

From time to time, I have subbed to Screencastsonline. Curious if there are other Apple software-related video tutorial sites out there like that. Something that covers a lot of ground in shorter segments vs something like Macsparky’s field guides which I’ve purchased many of.

IMO you should start with YouTube. That’s where I go first when I’m looking for information these days.

I just searched for ‘learn Macs’ on YouTube and the first page had multiple tutorials for beginners, one on macOS terminal, another on MAC addresses, 150 Mac Tips & Tricks, Pages, Numbers, etc.

And many developers have extensive How To’s for using their software.

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The nice thing about SCO is that I may not be looking for anything specific. I learned about the Affirmations app completely out of the blue today while looking at the back catalog.


I used to subscribe to SCO and think Don McAllister & company do a great job. But now that I’m retired most of the time I’m searching for material to help someone else.

You might want to check out LinkedIn Learning. They have some recent Apple-related content (e.g. macOS Monterey Essential Training and the standards are generally good.

As a bonus, you may be able to get FREE access to LinkedIn Learning through your public library (e.g. I get free access through the Vancouver Public Library).

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After I wrote my post, I thought about LIL. Obviously, it’s got a zillion other classes so it doesn’t necessarily help with discovery. But I always tell people that they can probably get free access through their library which I have done for ages. I’ll certainly check out that Monterey tutorial.

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Try, great site with loads of tutes.


Wow. Never even heard of this site. Thanks.